The tchabe kollel

The Tchabe Kollel
Affiliated with Sharei Shalom, The Tchabe Kollel is a centre for advanced Torah study with three main branches:

Kollel Teferes Shalom is an institute in which an elite group of young scholars dedicate themselves to University-level Torah study before embarking on a career. The Kollel members, under the leadership of Rabbi Sha’ul Noach Markowitz, typically attend three study sessions a day in preparation for advancement as learned individuals, Rabbinic leaders, Torah teachers and Rabbinic judges.

Kollel Boker Birkas Shmuel is a special program designed for men already in the work force who wish to further their Torah study. Study sessions and lectures take place early in the morning to allow for learning before heading off for work.

Kollel Harabbonim is an institute dedicated to the training of Dayanim, Rabbinic Judges. Promising scholars study the intricacies of Jewish law under the guidance of Rabbi Akiva Schlesinger and intern with experienced Dayanim in an actual Rabbinical court of law. This several year-long study is in preparation for a written and oral examination set by internationally recognised Rabbinic leaders. Those who pass are ordained as qualified Dayanim.