Congregation Sharei Shalom

The Tchabe Beth Hamedrash

Congregation Sharei Shalom, known as Tchabe, lies in the heart of Stamford Hill, North London’s most vibrant Jewish community. Tchabe houses many programs for its congregants and youth. The synagogue is open daily for prayer and Torah lectures and is often home to community-wide gatherings. Tchabe boasts a large study hall dedicated to the learning of Talmud, and a collection of Kollelim (advanced study groups) have blossomed from there. Tchabe’s Masmidim Youth Club provides a constructive outlet for young boys after school and on weekends, where they can learn and grow together under the leadership of specially trained mentors.

Indicative of Tchabe’s welcoming and caring environment, several societies have been built to give back to the community, including tuition assistance programs and Gemach Chasdei Shalom, an interest-free loan fund as well as programs providing food and clothing for families in need. Chevra Lomdim Mishna is a special program in which individuals can sponsor members of the Tchabe kollel to learn mishnayos and recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one. There is also a Chevra Tehillim, which recites the entire book of Psalms on a daily basis for the critically ill.