Ezer Meyuchad

Ezer Meyuchad

Ezer Meyuchad is a special organization developed to meet the multi-faceted needs of London’s Jewish community. Led by the Tchabe Rov, Rabbi Alter Elimelech Schwartz, Shlita, Ezer Meyuchad has been able to help hundreds of London’s Jews through providing emotional support and access to necessary resources in their time of need.

”Ezer Meyuchad’s ultimate goal is to take broken hearts and help piece them back together”

- Rabbi Elimelech Schwartz, The Tchabe Rov

Medical Liaison

All too often, people find themselves in need of specialized medical attention, but find that navigating the labyrinth of medical bureaucracy and expenses to be beyond them. Ezer Meyuchad helps those in need by making connections to the right medical professionals, advocating for their care and raising funds to cover often exorbitant fees. Contact Ezer Meyuchad’s centre for medical intervention.

Crisis Intervention

A special task force within Ezer Meyuchad is at the ready at any time of day to help provide support and resources when crisis strikes. From helping a victim out of an abusive relationship to keeping an individual from self-inflicted harm, Ezer Meyuchad is on call to intervene discretely and with sensitivity, leading those in need to professional help once the immediate danger has passed. Contact Ezer Meyuchad’s crisis hotline.


Ezer Meyuchad provides support to families and children going through difficult times, such as divorce or illness in the family, providing a listening ear and arranging professional counseling when needed. Ezer Meyuchad also provided bereavement support, helping individuals come to terms with their loss and navigating funeral arrangements and costs. Contact Ezer Meyuchad for support and counseling.

Teens at Risk

An unfortunate number of Jewish teens are drawn to the temptations of London’s streets. Ezer Meyuchad does its best to identify these teens, providing counseling and shelter. Ideally, Ezer Meyuchad endeavors to place these teens in a Yeshiva. With nurturing support, teens can be guided towards a stable, healthy and productive path. Contact Ezer Meyuchad’s resource centre for teens at risk.