Testimonials & endorsements

London Beth Din

The Dayanim of the London Beth Din are delighted to offer these words of approbation and endorsement to our dear friend, the Tchabe Rov, Harav Elimelech Schwartz, shlita.
Rav Elimelech is a wonderful leader who guides his own Kehilla with distinction, heads and maintains an outstanding Kollel which produces great Talmidei Chachomim to serve the broader community, and in general makes himself available to assist in myriad ways to the less fortunate and individuals burdened by challenges, from across the communal spectrum. Of particular noteworthiness is Rav Elimelech’s devotion to helping in cases of marital breakdown, divorce and family breakup. His resourcefulness, determination, charm, discretion, and warmth have proven indispensable to achieving successful outcomes and preventing further heartache and suffering in countless cases and in many ways. We recognize and appreciate his assistance in numerous Beth Din cases.
We wish Rav Elimelech continued bracha v’hatzlacha in all his endeavours l’kadesh shem shamayim.
Dayan Y. Abraham
On behalf of the Beth Din

Office of the Rabbinate

To Whom It May Concern:
It is an honour to introduce the Tchabe Rov who is well-known in our Orthodox Community, as a many-faceted activist. Apart from heading his own Kollel & synagogue, he is prominent in the Burial Society & Initiation Society. In addition he assists many persons and families who require various forms of assistance & advice, & helps facilitate various legal processes. Many people
have benefitted from his great experience and learning. He is regularly in touch with, and consulted by, various prominent Rabbis & Community Leaders, both here, elsewhere in the U.K., and abroad.
Rabbi J.R. Conrad
Registrar of the Rabbinate

Dr. Michael Wetzler

To Whom It May Concern:
This is to confirm that I am a doctor in the North London Jewish community, and I have known Rabbi Schwartz both as a patient and friend for ten years.
I can comment that he is an exceptional man, and we have shared the care of several of his congregants and indeed those babies for whom he has done circumcisions and their families.
I can say that he is a man of integrity and care, and great skill when it comes to dealing with people, and with the sort of situations that arise around circumcisions.
Additional to circumcisions he works with many congregants who have mental health problems, and indeed difficulties in their family situations. I have observed his work, his care, and his success in these situations.
I would support his work without a doubt or question and trust that he will be successful in his endeavours.

Dr. Geoff Isaacs

To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Rabbi Schwartz over the last few years in the Stamford Hill Haredi Community.
Rabbi Schwartz is an enormously respected leader in his community and he deals with a vast range of issues.  There have been occasions in which Rabbi Schwartz has contacted me to discuss mental health issues with members of his community.  I have always found him to be a wise, sensitive man with an enormous degree of personal charm, who is always able to identify the relevant issues in what are often complex problems.  Frequently we will meet with the person concerned together and reach an agreement as to the way forward.  Rabbi Schwartz will then generally arrange for the implementation of the package of care that is necessary.  He will go to enormous lengths to ensure that appropriate care is given and that the individual receives all the appropriate care and attention to make a full recovery (a refuah shlema). Read more.
Just to express my thanks to you for taking care of me so kindly. Wishing you a gmar chasima tova, a year of health, bracha, success and everything good.

Words cannot express our deepest gratitude and hakaras hatov!
Only Hashem knows how hard you worked – 24-7 with such devotion, effort and hard work!
Hashem should bless you with all the brachos…. health, wealth, lots of nachas and only simchos!
In our community,
There are few with the ability,
Goodness of heart,
And full of devotion,
Who Tirelessly toil,
On Yiddens’ behalf.
Time Stands still, all business aside,
People, whose home is open wide.
Sound advice from caring souls,
Unassuming, as if these were their roles.
Days and nights spend in assistance,
No matter where or what the distance.
How humbling to witness such an act,
As task not as fiction but as fact.They say behind a great man lies a great wife,
Who takes credit for her husband’s achievements in life!
May Hashem repay you כפל כפלים that you be zoche to much nachas from your dear family.
We would like to wish you and your family a kesiva vachasima tova, only gesund, nachas and simcha.
Once again, thank you for your hours of hard work on behalf of our dear son Meir. All your many late nights and telephone conversations were always much appreciated.
May we be zoche to see Meir under the Chupah this coming year with everyone else that needs a shidduch.
Thank you once again. Words will never be enough to express our Hakoras Hatov for what you have done. Giving my husband menuchas hanefesh is the ultimate thank you from me to you.