About us

The Tchabe Beth Din was founded in 2008 as the monetary and matrimonial disputes tend to be very aggravating, and the associated legal proceedings not only add more stress, but are costly as well.

Since its inception, the Beth Din has earned a reputation for conducting its affairs with confidentiality, competence,fairness and integrity. Firmly anchored in the principles of Jewish law the Beth Din serves the Jewish community as a forum for arbitrating disputes through the Din Torah process and obtaining Jewish divorces (Get).

The Beth Din is headed by our esteemed Av Beth Din Grand Rabbi Alter Elimelech Schwartz and our Rosh Beth Din Rabbi Akive Schlesinger in conjunction with members and alumnae of the Tchabe Kollel and as mentioned they have built themselves a sterling reputation.

In the Tchabe Beth Din one needn’t fear that the case will drag on with Rabbinical Lawyers and Judges earning more hours of pay. This is anathema to Tchabe, and this sad fact which exists elsewhere is actually one of the reasons for the very creation of the Tchabe Beth Din and its goal to uphold justice in a just way.

The Beth Din is funded by a combination of fees for sirvices, private donations and support by institutions.